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Professional coaching to bring your productivity and performance to the next level

Our commitment

To enable people to derive more pleasure and freedom from their professional lives.

What we do

We use Forte Labs' self-paced courses below as a foundation, elevating you to a new level of performance and self-confidence using the world's most effective performance and implementation coaching techniques.

What you will do



Master a

Execute a project


Grow my business


Create passive income



Topics We Cover

Digital Productivity and Workflow Design


  • Prerequisite: Get Stuff Done Like a Boss self-paced course
  • Personalized setup of digital productivity tools (task manager, digital calendar, read later app, note-taking software, etc.)
  • Guidance as you learn to distinguish the Actionable from Non-actionable, Projects from Areas, and Important from Urgent
  • Training you to master finding the right task at the right moment every time
  • Practice in using your digital productivity tools systematically together
  • Gain the confidence to experiment with and refine your GTD practice over time

Habit Formation and Behavior Change


  • Prerequisite: Design Your Habits self-paced course
  • Co-design of sustainable habits using neuroscience-based principles
  • Guidance in learning and combining best practices from leading habit formation frameworks
  • Accountability and follow-up to get you over the hump of new habits
  • Support in shifting mental, social, and emotional habits that sabotage your success
  • Building external support systems to relieve the burden on your attention and willpower

Digital Organization and Personal Knowledge Management


  • Prerequisite: Building a Second Brain (self-paced course launching February 2018)
  • Setup and training in using note-taking apps as a personal reference library
  • Careful attention to your projects and areas of responsibility to organize your digital life across all platforms
  • Identifying obstacles to learning and knowledge management and transforming breakdowns into breakthroughs
  • Expert feedback as you adopt powerful new strategies in executing knowledge work
  • Curated, personalized experiments to adopt advanced PKM techniques

What we don't do

We do not offer general purpose coaching. A coach is not the same as a mentor, consultant, career counselor, or therapist. We do not offer accountability, motivation, or life coaching. Our job is to work ourselves out of a job as quickly as possible, by setting you up with a real working system and the habits to sustain it.

Our methodology

Our goal is to spend as little time as possible introducing new information (which is what the courses are for), and as much time as possible on deliberate practice and on-the-job implementation.

Our job is to drastically shorten the learning curve so you can spend your time learning-by-doing, instead of learning-by-memorizing.

We know that you have everything you need to accomplish your most ambitious goals - we are here to give you that extra level of accountability and structure to make it happen faster.

Here is our basic methodology:

coaching framework.png

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Your Coach


Corey Padnos is a former professional voiceover actor, sushi chef, competitive weightlifter, certified fitness coach, and professional development coach. He has dedicated his life to studying the art of peak performance across many fields, extracting common principles and patterns into a multi-disciplinary coaching methodology.

Read Tiago's introduction and Corey's story here.



Package of 8 hours: $1,120 ($140 per hour)

Additional hours can be purchased at a rate of $200 per hour

Money-back guarantee: if you are not satisfied with your experience, we will refund 50% of your payment at any point in the program

Who this is for

Our coaching is designed for people doing extraordinary things, looking for an integrated coaching solution bridging the left and right brain, creative and analytical, theoretical and practical domains:

Thought leaders and creative professionals
You have great ideas and you’re ready to share them with the world, but your mind is all over the place. We can help you organize your thoughts and get your point across clearly and concisely.

Entrepreneurs and want-repreneurs
You are building an extraordinary product, service, or company, and want to deploy the most innovative productivity practices while minimizing stress and burnout.

Large organizations
You are a leader, manager, or front-line employee in a large organization looking for a new way to execute projects and surface knowledge in a distributed, mobile workforce.

Content creators
You produce content (writing, photographs, videos, graphics, slides, etc.) that makes a difference, and want to develop a scalable platform for developing, delivering, and monetizing it.



Building a Second Brain shoots for nothing less than transforming how you work with information, your habits at your computer, even what you decide to do and not do. Even just watching the videos and doing the exercises has value on its own, but to go really deep, I found it helpful to have someone by my side who has walked the walk before, who reflected on my thoughts, gave me feedback and let me talk through the struggles. For those ready for the plunge into the deep, one-on-one coaching can be the perfect "finisher."

-Jan Gondol, Former Information Science Professor, Software
Consultant and Trainer


"I love that in the individual coaching sessions I am being challenged to apply the BASB material in real-life situations that I would never have considered. Thanks to the encouragement of my coach, I started a habit of writing about the insights I draw from the books I read, which helped me to expand my thinking, clarify my understanding and share my ideas more. I had been dreaming about writing regularly for a long time, but it took the accountability help from the coaching to actually make it happen. And it turns out the BASB skills like summarization and JIT workflows are great scaffolding for writing when applied to that context!"

-Ellen Koenig, Senior Data Scientist at a FinTech company

"The coaching program takes [the BASB] course to the next level. It provides (1) accountability, ensuring you take the time to actually do the hard work that the course requires (2) tailored support and incentives, ensuring that your unique roadblocks are discussed and your successes celebrated (3) reflection and motivation, ensuring that you discuss your progress and roadblocks each week and commit to change as needed. Tiago and his team do impressive work that is at the cutting-edge of the PKM conversation. Joining this community allows you to co-create the next step of that journey with them. I repeat - do it!"

-Shruthi Jayaram, International development strategy consultant


"When I first signed up for BASB, I felt like I was taking a risk in signing up for the coaching aspect of the program. I knew I was committing to additional check-ins on a weekly basis, which would put a strain on my availability. In hindsight, I’m glad I took that risk at the outset of the program. My coach - whom I had weekly 1-on-1 calls with - helped me zero in on the aspects of my system that would have the highest impact on ME. As a result, I let go of my urge to try and do everything DURING the month-long course and instead focused on integrating only the highest-impact elements…"

-Mark McCoy, Strategy consultant


About Coaching


Project and skills-based

Every session is designed to leave participants with a tangible action plan and the skills to execute it


Our communicative approach uses a mix of 1-on-1 video calls, group discussions, and individual exercises


The methods we teach work across any operating system or platform. We help you customize universal principles to the devices you use

What's included

  • Eight 1-on-1 coaching sessions scheduled on a weekly recurring basis (55m per call) over two months
  • Initial discovery session (included above) to define goals, explore values and identify triggers, barriers, and purpose
  • Audiovisual recordings of all sessions will be made available for download

The details

  • Conducted via live videoconference (Skype for 1-on-1 calls, Zoom for group calls)
  • 1-on-1 scheduled according to mutual availability
  • 100% upfront payment required, with a 50% money-back guarantee at any time

Apply below

Prerequisite: you must have completed at least one of our self-paced courses before applying for coaching.

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