Coaching and Consulting

We offer 1-on-1 coaching as a stand-alone service using the link on the right, or as followup to our workshops. For consulting inquiries, please contact us.

About coaching

  • Bite-sized, 1-hour sessions to keep the focus on practical advice
  • Deeper dives into targeted exercises
  • Setup of technology tools and support systems
  • Delivered in person (on-site or off-site) or remotely via web conferencing

Potential topics

  • Design Thinking and Problem Solving: how to reframe productivity challenges and problems as testable experiments, using design tools and techniques
  • Workflow Design and Personal Productivity: how to create a productivity workflow (an integrated set of habits, tools, and systems) that is customized to individual needs and can be improved over time
  • Behavior Change and Habit Formation: how to distill individual, team, and organizational goals into specific behavior changes, and establish habits and routines around these behaviors using the latest findings in behavioral science
  • Digital Organization and Creative Execution: how to use digital organizational tools and innovative design techniques to increase the quality and quantity of your output

Note: All the above topics and others can be mixed and matched to fit the needs of the coachee