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From coaching high-level executives to top athletes to fledgling entrepreneurs with a dream, Corey Padnos is a nationally recognized expert in coaching systems and behavior change. As the Forte Labs Head Coach, he works closely with Tiago to develop and deliver a comprehensive program on all aspects of digital productivity.




Building a Second Brain shoots for nothing less than transforming how you work with information, your habits at your computer, even what you decide to do and not do. Even just watching the videos and doing the exercises has value on its own, but to go really deep, I found it helpful to have someone by my side who has walked the walk before, who reflected on my thoughts, gave me feedback and let me talk through the struggles. For those ready for the plunge into the deep, one-on-one coaching can be the perfect "finisher."

-Jan Gondol, Former Information Science Professor, Software
Consultant and Trainer


"I love that in the individual coaching sessions I am being challenged to apply the BASB material in real-life situations that I would never have considered. Thanks to the encouragement of my coach, I started a habit of writing about the insights I draw from the books I read, which helped me to expand my thinking, clarify my understanding and share my ideas more. I had been dreaming about writing regularly for a long time, but it took the accountability help from the coaching to actually make it happen. And it turns out the BASB skills like summarization and JIT workflows are great scaffolding for writing when applied to that context!"

-Ellen Koenig, Senior Data Scientist at a FinTech company


"When I first signed up for BASB, I felt like I was taking a risk in signing up for the coaching aspect of the program. I knew I was committing to additional check-ins on a weekly basis, which would put a strain on my availability. In hindsight, I’m glad I took that risk at the outset of the program. My coach - whom I had weekly 1-on-1 calls with - helped me zero in on the aspects of my system that would have the highest impact on ME. As a result, I let go of my urge to try and do everything DURING the month-long course and instead focused on integrating only the highest-impact elements…"

-Mark McCoy, Strategy consultant


"This was a super valuable use of my time and money to be able to coach with you.  It was a bit of a process, but my trust in GTD/BASB is up, I’ve come closer to accepting there is no Black and White solution to productivity, and that I’ll have to ultimately make the tools work for me. Your coaching style and personality are great. A good combination of directness and warmth that contributes to getting stuff done, and understanding that many of the underlying problems are emotionally driven, or have emotional blocks in order to implement practical tools...Remarkably integrated with Forte Labs, and the cohesion should only grow as time goes on. I love seeing the organic growth of the whole business, and the coaching arm of it."

-Jeffrey Golde, Founder of Golde Consulting, Adjunct Professor of Management at Columbia Business School

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