Creative Productivity

Unlocking Your Potential for Creative Execution



In this workshop, participants are introduced to innovative methods of planning, organizing, and deploying information using digital tools, including leading strategies from creative fields.

We provide an overview of the main approaches to systematically managing large volumes of information, including how to structure their ideas for quick retrieval without getting overwhelmed or spending countless hours in upkeep.

Participants are led step-by-step through the process of selecting their own organizational tools, and designing a system for capturing and applying their best ideas to their roles and responsibilities in their organization.

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Presentation on using digital tools for creative execution at Evernote HQ

Workshop Details

Objective: Participants understand how to capture and organize large volumes of information related to their role, and to effectively deploy their best ideas to reach organizational, team, and individual goals.

Key learning points

  • Gain deeper insights into your patterns of thinking and learning over time
  • Greater clarity and focus from externalizing your thinking in reliable tools
  • Higher productivity from re-using and recombining previous work
  • Gain creative confidence in knowing that your insights are being captured and deployed to solve real problems
  • Apply techniques from the world's most creative organizations to enhance innovation in your work


  • Half-day to full-day interactive workshop, with short breaks and lunch
  • More time allows for more in-depth examination of techniques and individual application


  • Participant packet with full-color slides for note taking, in hard copy
  • Other worksheets and materials for interactive sessions will be provided as needed

Pricing: Please email us at hello@fortelabs.co for a customized quote