Design Your Habits

Creating and Sustaining Productive Habits


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This workshop provides an overview of scientifically proven methods for meaningful, sustainable behavior change, and how to intelligently apply these methods to improve productivity, health, and wellbeing.

Drawing on lessons from behavioral science research, applied psychology, and persuasive technology, we train participants in how to break down their organizational, team, and individual goals into small, manageable habits, providing targeted feedback and guidance as they design a habit for themselves.

We conclude by providing recommendations on the best digital and analog tools for habit formation, and discussing other applications in a work context, including accountability and follow-through.

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"The class is an incredible walkthrough of every important aspect of making new habits and keeping them. It makes each step simple and concise."

— MJ Schoen, Producer, Venture Hill Entertainment

"Brilliant class. Tiago has bundled the latest research into an easy to implement action sequence. I have read all the books on the psychology of habits but have not seen such an actionable template for behavior change as this one."

— Thomas Witt, Thomas Witt Consulting

"Simple, realistic advice/techniques, yet life-changing and very meaningful. Different approaches to habit forming than I've heard before. Highly recommended."

— Amy Fuller, Creative Director, FLINT, Inc.

"Finally! A system to create new habits. Learning that relying on my own willpower was a mistake propelled me towards designing my life around a better habit of creating better habits. Phenomenal!"

— Dan Hinz, Dan Hinz Coaching

Workshop Details

Objective: Participants understand scientifically proven principles of habit formation, and how to create sustainable habits that support productivity, health, and wellbeing.

Key learning points

  • How habits work: the basal ganglia and Habit Loop model
  • The 3 types of behavioral change strategies, with examples and best practices
  • Identity-based behavior change, and building self-efficacy
  • Step-by-step walkthrough to design a new habit for enhanced productivity
  • Debrief and discussion on application to workplace habits and routines


  • Half-day to full-day interactive workshop, with short breaks and lunch
  • More time allows for more in-depth examination of techniques and individual application


  • Participant packet with full-color slides for note taking, in hard copy
  • Other worksheets and materials for interactive sessions will be provided as needed

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