Design Your Workflow

Leveraging Technology for Relaxed Focus and Control

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Our custom-designed workflow prototyping materials

In this workshop, participants learn how to design their own personalized workflow - an integrated system of habits, techniques, tools, and strategies to manage their responsibilities and priorities at all levels.

We help participants turn information overload and last-minute emergencies into opportunities, by engaging with their priorities systematically, instead of ad hoc. By understanding the psychological principles that underlie their productivity, participants learn how to balance day-to-day control with long-term focus by leveraging proven organizational methods.

We guide the group through selecting and customizing the strategies and tools best suited to their individual needs, and conclude with a debrief and discussion on other ways of applying these ideas to their work.

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"This class is pretty remarkable... [Tiago] breaks it down for you in very accessible chunks that you can accomplish and you can see how much work he has put into building a really useful class. This is not fluff. It's actually useful..."

— Bruce Hartford, Senior Art Director, Bozell

"This class can only be described in one word: revolutionary... I know that I am 100% not forgetting anything, because my task manager has it all captured for me. This course is worth the time commitment and learning curve. It changes everything."

— Amanda Farough, Founder & Creative Director, violetminded Media

"This class changed the way I ordered my life. Now I have more time and energy because I am focused and I am not constantly spinning through the mental to do list in my head."

— Kandy Christensen, Owner, Meandering Design

"I feel so much better now that my life is separated into projects and areas. This is probably the best investment of time and money I will do this year."

— Tyler Muse, CEO & Founder, LingoLive

Workshop Details

Objective: Participants are equipped with a personalized workflow, helping them use technology and organizational tools together in a systematic way to reduce stress and improve execution.

Key learning points

  • Systematically capturing and clarifying commitments and responsibilities at all levels
  • Organizing important information across mobile, online, and physical tools
  • Habits and routines for balancing day-to-day control and long-term focus
  • Decision-making and execution in an environment of ambiguity and accelerating change
  • Examples & recommendations of practical workflow tools and implementations


  • Half-day to full-day interactive workshop, with short breaks and lunch
  • More time allows for more in-depth examination of techniques and individual application


  • Participant packet with full-color slides for note taking, in hard copy
  • Other worksheets and materials for interactive sessions will be provided as needed

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