Second Brain Meetups

Welcome to the home of Second Brain Meetups, a network of local meetup groups for people interested in the possibility of using technology as a “Second Brain” – a centralized system for saving their best ideas, insights, and knowledge.

The goal of these groups is to provide a forum for people to share what they’re learning, new tools and techniques they’re trying, and other interesting resources related to their Second Brain.

Second Brain Meetups gather together people who are leveraging the power of technology to improve their thinking and turn their ideas into reality, and connect them with like-minded peers in person.

Read the full story behind these meetups here.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What happens at a Second Brain Meetup?

The main goal of these meetups is for people to exchange what they are learning about the theory and practice of creating their own “Second Brain.” This includes everything from task managers to idea capture tools to word processing software to digital notes apps, and other categories just being invented.

There are two basic formats we recommend:

  1. Free-form, casual hangouts: best for small groups, this is basically just hanging out over food or drinks and talking

  2. Show&Tell lightning talks: best for larger groups or more structured meetings, this includes a series of informal presentations answering the questions: “What did you do?”, “How did you do it?”, and “What did you learn?”

Each local organizer will choose one that is appropriate for the size and composition of the group.

Are these groups limited to students of Tiago’s Building a Second Brain course?

Absolutely not. Our goal is to stimulate the growth of the entire field, whether it is called digital note-taking, personal knowledge management, extended cognition, or something else. We encourage alternative approaches, civil debates, and the sharing of every kind of tool or system that can be used to “externalize” ideas from the human brain.

Do I need permission to organize my own meetup?

Absolutely not! And we encourage you to experiment with any kind of format you think works well. The guidelines found on this page are designed to encourage best practices and help groups reach critical mass, but nothing found here is required or trademarked. Experiment to your heart’s content!

What kind of support do you offer for organizing meetup groups?

We’re going to be providing significant support to the first groups to ensure that they reach critical mass and are able to host effective meetings.

This support will include:

  • Maintaining this page as a centralized directory of all known meetup groups, driving a consistent flow of qualified traffic to it from our websites and course, and encouraging people to join their local group

  • Maintaining guidelines and FAQs below to encourage consistency and best practices across groups

  • 30-minute setup and post-mortem calls with local organizers, which will be conducted by our Executive Assistant Noam Siegel

Besides the above support, we’re going to be very hands-off. We won’t be able to promote individual groups or meetings through our online channels, since any given meetup won’t apply to the vast majority of people. They will need to sign up for a specific group on, and then the organizer can contact them through the platform’s built-in notification system.

We depend on local organizers with initiative and creativity to manage the groups, schedule meetings, and ensure it’s a good experience for everyone.

What if I don’t live near a major city?

See below for more information about starting a new group. You might be surprised how many like-minded Second Brain builders there are near you! And it only takes a few people to have an interesting meetup.

Another option is to take part in the Second Brain conversation online. Look for the #basb hashtag on Twitter, request to join the Building a Second Brain Facebook group, or join the Forte Labs Slack where we have dedicated channels for dozens of topics.

How do I start a Second Brain Meetup in my city?

Email Noam Siegel at to schedule a 30-minute setup call on Zoom. He will ask you a few questions about your goals and priorities, help you set up a group on, and share best practices on running effective meetings.

Any other comments or suggestions?

Please email us at with any comments or suggestions for how these groups should be managed.