Quantified Work

Measuring Performance for Continuous Improvement



In this workshop, participants are introduced to the Quantified Self movement, an emerging field dedicated to measuring and improving personal performance.

Presentation on tracking and measuring personal productivity at Evernote HQ

We provide an overview of the main approaches to measuring and optimizing individual productivity, including time allocation, value-added, ROI, goal completion, values alignment, and work-life balance.

Participants are led step-by-step through the process of selecting their own productivity metrics and tracking tools. We also look at various methods of analysis to extract insights from the data collected and apply these insights to day-to-day productivity.

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Workshop Details

Objective: Participants understand how to use self-tracking tools to measure their personal productivity, including data-driven techniques for experimentation, learning and reflection.

Key learning points

  • Defining personal productivity in a creativity-driven business environment
  • Overview of main productivity tracking methods, with guidance on setting up tools and maintaining habits
  • Using tracking as a tool for self-correcting feedback and reflection
  • Applying data-based insights to real-world productivity
  • Examples & recommendations of best-in-class tracking tools and implementations


  • Half-day interactive workshop, with short break


  • Participant packet with full-color slides for note taking, in hard copy and as a digital file
  • Other worksheets and materials for interactive sessions will be provided as needed

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