Tiago Forte delivers short talks, presentations, and keynotes for audiences interested in design, productivity, innovation, and how technology is changing the way we work. These speaking engagements can be delivered as stand-alone experiences, or as customized excerpts of our hands-on workshops.

Potential topics:

  • Design Thinking and Innovation: creativity, innovation, and problem solving in a rapidly changing digital world

  • Workflow Design and Personal Productivity: using systems thinking, cognitive science, and technology to support personal and team productivity

  • Behavior Change and Habit Formation: strategies and techniques for distilling business needs into effective habits and routines

  • Digital Organization and Building a Second Brain: innovating on how knowledge workers capture, organize, and share their knowledge to unlock their creative potential


  • Tiago will work with the event organizer to customize a speaking topic and format that matches your audience and business needs

  • The event can be presentation-only, or include interactive exercises chosen specifically to advance the goals of the event

Possible formats

  • 20-40 min. TED-style talk

  • 30-60 min. presentation, including Q&A

  • 60-180 min. workshop, with facilitated exercises to put new methods into action

  • Lecture-style or interactive, depending on time available and objectives


  • We can provide a handout for all attendees, with full-color slides for note taking in hard copy

  • Other worksheets and materials for interactive sessions will be provided as needed

Conferences and corporate events

Keynote talk delivered at the Genentech Innovation Forum, organized by the Evidence, Science, and Innovation division.

Voiceover recording of a presentation by Tiago Forte, on using technology to improve health and wellbeing. Originally delivered for U.S. Medical Affairs Town Hall at Genentech, South San Francisco

Live workshops

Highlight reel for a Design Thinking Crash Course, facilitated by Tiago Forte at the open incubator Parisoma in San Francisco

Video of a hands-on workshop, Design Your Workflow, facilitated by Tiago Forte at the Parisoma open incubator, San Francisco

A 2-hour talk and workshop on the Building a Second Brain method, delivered by Tiago Forte, Lauren Valdez, and David Perell at Collective Academy, Mexico City.

Highlight reel of live workshop Design Your Habits, facilitated by Tiago Forte at the Parisoma open incubator in San Francisco, CA.


Presentation on using network science to understand personal habits, delivered by Tiago Forte at a Quantified Self San Francisco meetup

Presentation delivered by Tiago Forte at the Silicon Valley Quantified Self meetup, at Evernote headquarters in Redwood City, CA

Virtual events

An excerpt from a short presentation to participants of Discover Praxis on how to use a Second Brain as a springboard to a successful and fulfilling career.

Presentation on How to Use and Master Your Second Brain in 2019, by Tiago Forte at ProdCon