Our talks, presentations, and keynotes are recommended for audiences interested in design, productivity, innovation, and how technology is changing the way we work. We offer speaking engagements as stand-alone experiences, or as customized excerpts of our more in-depth workshops. They are a great introduction to our productivity training program, Productive by Design™.

Potential topics:

  • Design Thinking and Innovation: creativity, innovation, and problem solving in a rapidly changing digital world
  • Workflow Design and Personal Productivity: using systems thinking, cognitive science, and technology to support personal productivity
  • Behavior Change and Habit Formation: strategies and techniques for distilling business needs into effective habits and routines
  • Digital Organization and Creative Execution: innovating on how knowledge workers plan and organize their projects

Note: All the above topics and others can be mixed and matched to fit the needs of your event


  • 30-60 min. brown bag lunchtime talk, including Q&A
  • 60-90 min. presentation delivered live by a certified facilitator, including Q&A
  • Lecture-style or interactive, depending on time available and objectives


  • We can provide a handout for all attendees, with full-color slides for note taking, in hard copy
  • Other worksheets and materials for interactive sessions will be provided as needed