Ben Mosior || Director of Operations

Ben Mosior envisions a world where everyone acts intentionally to harness their innate capabilities, transcend boundaries, and reduce suffering. Towards that future, Ben operates Hired Thought, an organization he founded to serve overwhelmed leaders through the pursuit of strategic clarity. Ben is also the Director of Operations at Forte Labs, where he empowers and equips people to realize their creative potential at work. As the need arises, he additionally consults as a Visiting Scientist at PraxisFlow, a boutique consultancy providing flow enablement within enterprise organizations.

Nick Collins lived in Tajikistan for two years before returning to the US and leading operations for the FeelGood youth movement. Through his development as Operations Director, Nick discovered his unique ability to uncover. He then launched his own company, Lvl Up. When it comes to iterating on ideas, systems thinking, and strategic planning, Nick is a keen observer of context and has an uncanny ability to read between the lines. His empathetic listening and loving honesty make him an extraordinarily effective coach.


Nick Collins || Director of Strategy


Tasshin Michael Fogleman || Special Projects

Tasshin has a wide variety of experiences and skills, and enjoys helping people to find solutions to the challenges they're facing. He is especially passionate about exploring the connection between intellectual endeavors, physical movement and exercise, and contemplative practice. Tasshin trains at the Monastic Academy.

Kevin manages the curriculum at Forte Labs and provides support for the many who are using personal knowledge management to transform how we work, learn, and live.

He combines his experience in graduate research and organizational administration with the innovative world of digital design to make it possible for more people to express themselves, achieve success, and find joy in their activity.


Kevin Holmen || Course Manager


Kathryn Tongg || Administrative Assistant

Kathryn brings to the Forte Labs team 19 years experience in the Administrative field. She has background working with non-profit organizations, independent photographers, Doctors offices, and retail companies. Her strengths center around organizational administration as she has a passion for helping people get more organized in their daily tasks. She loves implementing new programs, systems and processes to streamline workflows to be the most efficient as possible.