Productive by Design™ is our holistic, four-part productivity training program.

Each of the four workshops stands on its own, and together they provide an integrated framework of Design-Driven Productivity, integrating powerful design methods in a human-centered approach to knowledge work. 

The program can be delivered in conjunction with speaking engagements, 1-on-1 and small group coaching, and organizational consulting.


Click below for more information, photos, and videos on each workshop:

A crash course in
creative problem solving

Leveraging technology
for relaxed focus and control

Creating and sustaining
productive habits

Unlocking your potential
for creative execution

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"Tiago is distinguished, if not singular, in his ability to combine transformative perspective, rigorous thinking, and ingenuity in his fresh approach to productivity and innovation."

-Drew Levy, PhD, Evidence Science & Innovation group, U.S. Medical Affairs, Genentech

"This class is pretty remarkable... [Tiago] breaks it down for you in very accessible chunks that you can accomplish and you can see how much work he has put into building a really useful class. This is not fluff. It's actually useful..."

-Bruce Hartford, Senior Art Director, Bozell

"The class is an incredible walkthrough of every important aspect of making new habits and keeping them. It makes each step simple and concise."

-MJ Schoen, Producer, Venture Hill Entertainment

Why work with us

We give people new tools, skills, and habits to be more productive - but we don’t stop there.

Our purpose is ultimately to help you transform your work by
redefining what productivity means in a rapidly changing business environment.

By working with us you’ll have a productivity consultant who listens to and understands your challenges.

You’ll have a coach who encourages and supports your efforts with targeted advice.

And you’ll have a change agent who helps your team understand and embrace the need for change,
and guides that change using a proven, design-driven process.

Our workshops are:

 Project and skills-based

Project and skills-based

Every workshop is designed to leave participants with a tangible action plan and the skills to execute it



Our communicative approach uses a mix of hands-on demonstrations, group and pair exercises, and directed discussions

 Expert facilitators


All our facilitators have undergone an intensive certification program and are experts in their field



The methods we teach work across any device, operating system, or platform



We can deliver trainings in a variety of lengths, formats, and locations to fit your training budget and needs


 Pull-through coaching


We offer flexible 1-on-1 coaching packages to help with implementation and pull-through

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